Friday, December 31, 2010


Should have been my middle name. It's New Years Eve 2010. I'll give you 3 guesses on what I'm doing tonight!

1-Going to a huge house party.
2-On my way to Vegas with Travis to ring in the New Year with style.
3-Going to a bar with a bunch of friends to enjoy to the people I love the most.

...Think you can guess???

None of the above- it was a trick question!

Truth be told i'm in my room sharing a bowl of rice and xanax with my dog trying to not puke over the gallon of cologne lingering around that Jeremy put on before he went out. I might be lame but at least I won't start my year off needing to wash off the smell of shame and a hangover :)

Happy New Year random readers..... and John!

I should add  to this that I was woken up at 3AM and sprayed in the face with windex :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

you fall apart and then you stop

Tonight is one of those nights where you wanna eat your drugs and lay in bed and listen to Circa Survive all night.

2010 was probably the worst year of my adult life. I had my fair share of personal problems. I also learned a lot of lessons. I wasted the past 2 years of my life with someone who I knew from the get go was not the one for me. Why you ask?  Because I'm Julie. It's easy to see from this blog that I am an alcoholic and definitely co-dependent. I am almost 27 and sadly have just barely begun to be ok with the fact that I need to be happy alone before I can be happy with anyone else. Lots of wasted time there!!

I wish my life had a fast forward button. Is it bad to admit that I don't want people I know reading this because after I read it myself I realize what a negative bitter girl I am? 

I do have a little dog who loves me and great friends. I have a decent job that I enjoy going to. Do me a solid 2011 and don't be a repeat.

**Cause if you're half as good as you say you are then you can prove it**

Sunday, November 21, 2010

                                                It's officially winter and I like it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hello Cleaveland

Err...I mean Burnaby!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

inside in

This is the second day in row I have not said a single word to the person who is now referred to as "room-mate". When the hell did my life get so retarded? Who  tells someone" I think its best we break up.....I don't want to be with you anymore" then in the next breath implies that we should still live together? I'm sorry but the last thing I want/need is to come home and have to walk around on eggshells 24/7. I have enough bull-shit at work thanks.

Let's look on the bright side- there are always these:

Prescription "FML" eye drops for all your fuck my life moment. Courtesy of Alana the pharmacist.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's time to throw in the towel!!

Let me start of by saying you know your home life is fucked when you get anxiety about going home from work. Quitting time comes around and everyone else is OUT.....I on the other hand stay late because I don't even like being at home.

I come home and let Rox out and spend the rest of my night watching netflix in bed because my boyfriend/roommate is doing 1 of 2 things, sleeping or holed up in his room playing video games. He works graves so we don't see each other much anyways but when I feel like its a chore for him to hang out with me it is not a good thing.

The past year has been total waste.

No matter how much I try and get along, no matter how skinny I get, there is always some lame excuse for why he won't put out or why he doesn't lift a finger. It's hard to keep loving someone and making excuses for someone who is only with you because they "like your companionship" Enough is enough.

When I think about how happy and different my life was before it makes me sad. I think its time to just suck it up and start over and find happiness with myself instead of trying to find it in something that is just broken beyond repair. I have been holding on to the memory of how good things were the first 6 months of our relationship with the thought that things will change- they wont.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I have nothing to epic to post about lately so i'll make it short.

I moved offices finally. I won't be bitching about work for a while.

I'm giving up the booze again for reasons not worth blogging about.

And I finally got to Tanner park with everyone today. It was awesome. I think ill be going every weekend until my dog is dead.

I'm eating a huge piece of meat for dinner for the first time in a while...... I still cant get down on the tuna though. Stupid movie making me replace tuna with snack-packs.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

They called him flipper ,flipper, flipper, faster than lightning.....

I was up all night listening to my cat make noises I didn't know cats made (she's a whore) I decided the best idea was to watch a movie and hope to nod off in the middle of it. I chose a movie off Netflix titled The Cove in the documentary section.

The movie is about a cove in Japan that is kept off limits and guarded so that fisherman can slaughter 1000's of dolphins every September. They either capture them and sell them to other countries who have killed off their own dolphins as show animals or just kill them and call it pest control. The mercury level in dolphins is so high that they can not even sell it as meat because it basically tainted.

Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I probably have very high amounts of mercury in my system due to the tons of tuna I eat. I will probably never eat a can of tuna again or any other meat at least until I forget I have seen this.

I read fast-food nation and that grossed me out pretty bad and I quit eating fast food pretty much entirely (on a very rare-occasion I will have a drunk 2am Del-Taco moment), this was fucking shocking though seeing how they kill these dolphins. It was so barbaric. Not that there is anything right with the American meat packing industry. It's all fucking gross dude. It is in humane and makes me want to be a better person because hell is probably being reincarnated to be a pig or a cow in the US.

While at work today I was noticing what every one else in the office was eating and it made me sick to my stomach seeing everyone with their burgers made of 80 different cows.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

To anyone who has never golfed.

I highly suggest you try at least once.

We had a company outing and was a golf tournament...SO much fun! I had never golfed before so I got it worked out that I was on my favorite french lady's team. Her and her husband were pretty good. If everyone else played a legit game like we did we totally would have won. It was still an awesome time - anything you can do outdoors that involves drinking in a golf cart can't be that bad! Here are some pictures.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This time i'm SERIOUS

I'm banning myself from the mall!

I have a problem. A spending problem. I get paid and then I get this uncontrollable need to shop. WTF happened to me. I use to hate shopping. I hated malls and stores for girls. I was alright with buying my makeup at Rite-Aid and only went to get new makeup if I needed if my mascara was running low. Now I'm hitting up Sephora 3 times in 1 month. I justify it by having almost none of my clothes fit me since I lost weight. In my mind this is fine. This is it though.........and for real this time.
This is hands down the best concealer on the planet. By benefit -$18. When I put this on my skin was so happy I'm surprised it didn't jump off my face. I feel like the stress from my job shows its self by leaving huge dark circles of sexy under my eyes. Bye bitches!

This cute antique bicycle necklace. Really cheap, but I thought it was cute to match the sweater I bought.

I also got a bottle of OPI• Under my trench coat.The rest is just some jeans (size 5- holla!) and a that helicopter. Nothing too note worthy. Farewell money pit mall. You will be missed.

I get to spend the rest of my evening listing to a piece of shit remote control helicopter. Thank you bearded woman who works at Brookstone for giving me this gift. I have been promising Jeremy one for a while so I caved and bought it. That shit will be broken in less than an hour in sure! Back to the beard though.... what woman who works in public, a mall no less, has a full on fucking beard and doesn't handle that? I literally had to focus on looking her directly in between her eyes to stop myself from staring at her beard. She kept trying to sell me insurance on it and was short with her so I could get the fuck out of there before I started staring....or asking whats going on there.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fuck a hangover

Fuck it even more if its a Thursday and you work in an office. Not only in an office but right in the center of it. I had meetings all day and I looked like a piece of shit with a side ponytail and purple cardigan on. My brain was not sending the correct messages. I ended up sending an e mail about how condescending this girl I work with is to the fucking girl I was talking about. HI! I'm a dumb ass. I don't like her anyways so I don't really care but I thought I should use that as an example of how retarded my day was.

I was up way too late last night sitting in my apartment with Tasha putting down a bottle of vodka and talking shit. We were watching some stand-ups of Lisa Lampanelli. She makes even me blush and the word cunt is part of my daily vocabulary.

I did get home to see my brand new Ozeri digital multifunction scale had arrived. It measures your body fat and water weight percentage in addition to looking cool.

 It's cocktail and curry time. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I do love this stuff. It's like it says on the bottle...Magic juice for your eyelashes!
Yes, the product is expensive but worth every penny.


This is quite an improvement if you ask me. I'm wearing white liner in the after picture so its a little bit different but there was a huge increase in the volume and length of my lashes over all. I used an eyelash curler before both pictures.

On a completely unrelated subject. My spending habits have got to go. I have been spending mad money on make up and clothes and it's totally retarded. Sometimes I wish I were a hipster so I could just wear my Grandmas hand me downs from the Holocaust and save a ton on new clothes but unfortunately I cant stand the feel of wool. Thank you God for stores like Forever 21 where a girl can be a cheap ass and still dress good.  Thank you Express for your box sales where I can buy absolutely nothing because I don't have an eating disorder (Most times I leave feeling like I should develop one though). I cannot and never will fit into a size 2 pair of jeans. Why I even step foot into that store remains a mystery to me. I think is why I love makeup so much. No matter how hard it is to find clothes to fit your abnormally long torso you can always walk into a makeup store and leave with tons of shit that fit you just right!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

How to start your weekend right

I love Sephora! love LOVE love it. I could literally spend hours in that store and would have no problem dropping 2 bills there. I get goose bumps when I walk in. I had to make it short since dude was with me and I know how awesome that store must be for a man. Since I lost weight I desperately needed new clothes, my old ones looked like a tent on me. I got a few things more than I intended to.......whatever.

Before that I went and had breakfast with my little brother David and my Dad. I haven't seen Davey in about year since he left. I missed him. I have a very tender picture of him at the nursing home visiting Opa. 

I don't know how he got him to do this. I guess ever since he hit his head he's got this huge potty mouth no one ever knew existed. I guess he told my sister someone else in that home is a "mother-fucker". He was a Marine in his day. Poor old guy.... Hes completely emasculated in that place, it breaks my heart to see him. He told me all the young girls in there love to watch him piss his pants.                           
                                                                       What the hell?? 

On to something not so depressing..... I'm making pot-roast. Happy Saturday......Mother-fuckers!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

This is wrong

Both female. It's safe to say my dog is a lesbian.

Sometimes you need a mental health day.......just to ensure you don't physically harm the drama queen (King) at work.  Talk about a shit month. It's like the month of August sucked the life out of the company I work for. Maybe it was opposite month? That's the only reasonable excuse for things I have witnessed there. Really demotivating. I'm hoping things get better in the winter because I'm almost bitter about it all. Not yet but I can see it coming.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5 ways to ruin your day

1- Be on a 500 calorie a day diet.
2- Work near or with some who is completely useless with the task at hand.
3- Be named Julie.
4- Come home to a messy apartment with no clean dishes.
5- Go try and unwind in a hot tub, then watch someone drop your expensive  phone in it :)

That was yesterday..... today wasn't much better. I love ya Opa.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Davey Bones

Happy birthday to you. I wish I could see you today but I cannot as you are enjoying school and the nice weather of the California coast. You are 19 today and out conquering life. I know you are going to have a great life that you made for yourself. It's crazy you are almost 20, I remember you being a toddler destroying every cake mom ever brought home...It was like you knew they were always on the edge of the counter and they ended up on your head every time.

You are so talented in everything you do. You are an amazing guitar player and an amazing brother and I'm so fucking proud of you. I just wish I could see you more to tell you that. I hope that joining the Navy doesn't make it so were some strangers who share a mother. I hope you get everything you wanted today :) Know that I love you like a fat kid loves cake!

Friday, August 20, 2010

This is the Batman cake. I managed to not eat 1 crumb while making it. The 1st tier is a giant rice crispy treat, the second is a double layer fudge with cream cheese filling.

Also about 3 pounds of fondant. YUM! I'm pretty sure this is one kick ass cake. Ashlei and Holly decorated and I helped bake it. We will see how much I can refrain from eating tonight.
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Monday, August 16, 2010

I have petunia again- I want one! This dog is adorable. (Below is her what the fuck are you doing when i'm trying to sleep look)

I recently got a new product, LiLash. It's suppose to make your lashes grow to super lengths as well as make them much thicker. Downside- it's 130 bucks. It takes about 3 weeks to start working and I can't wait to see the results. I hope its worth the money. I took a picture of my eye on the first day I used it and will also take one after 3 weeks.

I really really wish I had taken before pictures so I could post them with the after pictures of the HCG diet. I am down almost 20 pounds and have already passed my goal weight of 135. I had to make a new goal of 130 which is smaller than I have been in about 3 years. Sticking to this diet was harder than quitting smoking. Food is fucking everywhere and you don't notice how much until you can't have any. I have spider senses for fast food, I can smell it from a mile away and probably tell you what it is. Nothin like watching people eat Cafe Rio while you eat your 100 grams of chicken with 1/2 cup of spinach. 4 more days.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Since I am not able to eat pretty much anything that is not chicken or a vegetable I have been having major cravings. Most of them are for pastries. How unfortunate that that most delicious things are the worst for you. I have been having the urge to bake a cake lately but I can't in fear that I will binge and have to start over on this regimen. I have only 5 days left....but another 3 full weeks until I can have starches or sugars :( . Going grocery shopping doesn't help at all. I was at Harmon's on Friday and spent about 30 minutes in the kitchen utensil section just looking at everything I am going to buy once I can eat normal food again. I'm thinking that the reason for the cravings stem from that store.... specifically this
You will be mine cake pan. I more than likely won't be eating much that comes out of you but I'm still gonna get ya! In the mean time I need to find a good chocolate cake recipe for me and Holly to make for Chris's (her husband - Jeremy's cousin) birthday on the 21st. They are going to be making a fondant batman. This should be interesting to see how it turns out.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Arthur McArthur

You are at the University Hospital right now laying unconscious in a bed with tubes running out of you and blood coming out of your ears. You are 87 years old and fell backwards today and hit your poor bald head. No matter what the outcome of this I just hope you know how much I love you. I remember crying uncontrollably when you and Oma would have to go home from visiting. You have always been so sweet and such a great man to Oma and all of her kids. You are an old school barber with a sweet shaving kit. Lady in red will forever remind me of you. I hope that you wake up but If you don't, I hope your heaven is the era when ladies were dames and big band was what it was all about. I love you Opa.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's not beautiful

It's fuckin horrible

Friday, August 6, 2010

This took place in the bathroom at work.

Holly: You need to learn to do it yourself.

San:(In a very thick french accent) Dude you godda do that shit quick...Once the needle hits your skin its like butter.

Me: Ok Ok Ok .... UGHHH is it in yet.

Holly: Oh my

Me: I'm scared! Will you do it for me?

San: Oh just let me do it. Shit- did that hurt? I hit a vein, that's gonna bruise.

Nikki walks in just as I have a filled syringe hanging out of my hip and my jeans pulled down.

Only 3 more weeks :( Looking at the scale every morning makes it totally worth it!! 139 today!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Friday, July 30, 2010

I never thought I would ever say this....

I hate food. Yes. The thought of even having dinner tonight is making me want to vomit. This is day 1 of HCG. The "loading" day. The day where I did nothing but eat a whole pan of brownies and forced myself to also eat not 1 but 2 hamburgers and have a 1/2 liter of cherry coke. Oh fuck my life right now...fuck my life. Why do I do this? Because in 2 days i'm going from this to 500 calories a day and this in combination with the HCG is going to be eating all my little fat cells. Not just shrinking them but deleting them entirely. I really don't know how i'm going to handle eating El Chihuahua tonight though.... ugh. In 23 days i'm going to post some before and after pics so you can see how much weight I lose on this. Everyone i know who's either on it or has done it THE RIGHT WAY has lost 30lb on the 44 day diet so i'm going to be doing the 23 day one because I don't need to lose 30.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I feel the need to elaborate a little on why I am participating in relay for life this year. This year a friend of mine is heading up the West Bench Relay for Life. This organization is a warrior fighting cancer. She lost an arm to cancer a few years back but has been winning the war. Her story is very inspiring and she's a fighter. She fought 3 years with Chemo and radiation and finally lost her arm to save her life. She was back to work within 7 days of losing her arm. She recently lost a friend she grew up with to Cancer and is doing it this year in honor of her friend. I want to do what I can to help. The American Cancer Society does so many great things for people who are sick and need help. They donate wigs to those who cant afford them and prosthetic limbs. They give gas cards to cancer patients who are having to drive to the and from the hospital every day to get their chemo treatments. Every dollar raised goes towards something that can help someone who is sick and help find a cure so no more people have to die from being sick. I'm trying to think of some ways I can raise some money besides just having people click a link and donate because on their site the minimum donation is $10.00 and to be honest.... people are cheap and don't care really unless it is directly effecting them.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This year has been full of changes for me. I quit smoking a month ago and actually stuck to it this time. I am very surprised at myself to be honest. In the past its been so incredibly hard to resist those urges to just go get a pack and smoke one. For some reason this time it feels different and I am just done. Enjoying having pretty white white WHITE teeth!!

As of last month I pretty much have written off my mother and sister because I can't deal with their crazy anymore. Sometimes even though you love someone you have to let them go because in the end I know they aren't going to change. I can no longer sit around and let their dysfunction make me anymore dysfunctional, I have enough of my own problems to be dealing with theirs and to be honest I can't really take the anxiety of their lives anymore. Its too much. I should have done it a long time ago. I will never understand why my mother is the way she is but I really don't care anymore. Even writing this makes me feel angry thinking about everything I want to say to her. She is not worth me ever getting upset over. Some things are not salvageable and this is one of them.

I think this goes for friendships as well. For the past year or so I have been picky about the people I surround myself with. I went a long time without having any social life. I had a falling out with my best friend and then Jeremy and I split up and the combination of the two was not good on top of dealing with the stress of my sisters alcohol issues. I was majorly depressed and felt like I had no one to turn to for the first time ever so I did what the people in my family do best - Sleep, get drunk, and take as many pills as I could get my hands on because it was easier to just cover up everything with a high than to really admit to myself that maybe I was the issue. Maybe all the failed relationships in my life ARE my fault? Maybe i'm not capable of having a relationship with anyone? Maybe I am just meant to live alone and be alone? It's easier to point your finger than to admit you fucked up.

Either way - you live you learn and that's all you can do.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

I don't care to title this.... why do they all need titles?

I just got home from driving my cousin and her girlfriend home to Ogden. It took FOREVER. I never ever go to Ogden and didn't realize what a drive it is. I went in to meet her pets and hang out for a minute and it made me feel like such a loser. Shes a year younger than me. She has a kick ass condo and everything in it is so nice. I feel 12 right now like I'm trying to play house compared to her life.

Oh and I got pulled over right as I approached my exit to my house after an hour long drive home thinking about how much I suck.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


This needs to be shared with anyone who's on a diet :)

-1/2 bag of frozen assorted fruit (I buy the mango kind)
-Fat free vanilla yogurt
-Skim milk
-Pomegranate juice (sugar free if you can find it)


Less than 200 calories and it might be the tastiest thing I have ever made.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear Linsey

You are the best cousin ever

       Who gets VIP seats at the Kings of Leon concert.

I love you !
One of the best nights EVER!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hot hot heat

I think I broke my ankle playing soccer today It is swollen way bad and all bruisey. I just thought I would blog about it since Jeremy is doing laundry and i'm waiting for him to get done before I finish watching nip/tuck (I am obsessed with this show).

I'm still in Minneapolis until this Saturday.I miss my dog and cats majorly. I also miss the dry weather. I sweat so bad at night here its pointless to shower at night. Even after you shower you go outside and your all sticky and feel how you do after the gym from all the humidity. You cant even get your hair to blow dry all the way dry.

I did go to a nice beach today. The water was warm and it was amazing.

This is also my 11th day with a cigarette :)

Friday, July 9, 2010


It's my birthday today. It was a little weird being around someone elses whole family to celebrate it but they made it really nice for me. Decorated the house and got me a cute cake and some presents.

I'm in Minneapolis for 10 days with Jeremy and his family. It's super green here. I like it aside from how muggy it is and how my hair wont dry after a shower. People here are so normal, not that its a bad thing. Walking around in the mall I noticed how not one person in there had any tattoos or anything like that. We fit right in SLC.

Also I quit smoking for the 864,548th time. Tomorrow will be 7 days. How did I do it? Utah increased the tax on them and I can no longer justify spending 7.15 on a pack of kill yourself. I got this electric cigarette that is basically like huka on the go.

I miss Rox.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I hate your children

Because you don't supervise them and they run around and do whatever they silly stringing cars. There should be a law that parents who have asshole kids like yours should be sterilized. It's really your fault they are assholes to begin with. Be a better parent and get on some birth control.

I went riding this morning with Jeremy and laid out by the pool the rest of the day. I got hit on by some old lady who was telling me how great my suit was and how good looking she thought I was. AWKWARD. I talked to her for about 30 mins and her story is an interesting one. Makes me wonder how I will be when I am her age.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


It's Saturday night. I am home with a baby pug with lethal farts sitting on my lap. This means that I am at home blogging at 9:30 pm on Saturday night. I'm not awesome.
 Jeremy is currently in Elko (MY hometown) enjoying the biker festival. I wanted to go but as I am the only one on the planet apparently that does not have a motorcycle I'm here with this adorable little pup, Michelob Ultra, and a bottle of Xanax. Boy oh boy! I'm not gonna lie I'm really jealous I'm not there since all my Elko friends are telling me how awesome it is and how there is orgy's on bar floors! Great get my boyfriend there STAT. Ugh - fuck you this weekend..... fuck you. At least I have this cute dog to make up for it. She peed on his bed too!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I wake up in the morning feelin' like P- Diddy

Fuck that! I bet P-Diddy doesn't wake up anytime before noon. I woke up at 7 am. 7 AM!!! Stupid job messin' up my sleeping habits. Too early to text Travis to see if he wants to lay out as he is most definitely still drunk and maybe even still awake from last night. He doesn't waste his weekends like me. I was out at 9 pm last night. I fell asleep on a mattress on the floor in the other room. I think it was because I was so disappointed at this lady ruining my food order that I had no other choice but to eat a xanax and drink a beer, then promptly pass out.

I was suppose to meet my dad for breakfast but he wasn't in the mood so I just had this instead. MMMM!

I did make it to the gym today. This guys was there.  His name is Marcus he was on last comic standing and he is fucking  HUGE. By huge I mean ripped like the Incredible Hulk.
This was my first time going to the Murray 24 Hour and I like it a lot better. Almost everything I use is upstairs and its not as busy as the Sugar House one in addition to being within walking distance of my new residence.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Random picutres from my last Las Vegas trip.

There are no words for how drunk I was in this picutre.

This guy was wearing this in 80 degree weather.
Me and the Freetz
I do give lessons on how to be classy.
I wish we had these in Utah.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Whatever you want it to be.

I moved! And sweet black baby Jesus does it feel good to be done. There is nothing like moving a bed that weighs more than your car does with a forearm fork-lift. I still have bruises. I'm pretty sure the only reason I even bought this was because of the picture on the packaging. Those girls aren't even breaking a sweat. They are standing there saying "Hey, look at us. We are moving this large piece of furniture in slacks and its completely effortless! You should buy these!!" Lies. That thing they are holding must be made of foam.

So let's talk about apartment living. The thought of even having a thought of living in an apartment made me cringe, but here I am -And actually really happy with the decision to do it. Its cheap so I can save more to buy a house. It's really really cute inside. There is a pool and hot tub so I have a place to lay out this summer, and its closer to my job which is a good thing because driving more than 10 minutes to get to work is lame. 
I'll post some pictures once everything is in order and not a total shit mess.

P.S. I love IKEA

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hey bitch, wanna suck on my tooth?

i don't know......

But really. Its Monday. I'm bored and blogging from my phone so i dont care much to punctuate.
I missed circa survive tonight BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I did not skip the gym.

I did make 2 more tattoo appointments for my sleevey.

I did lose 5 lbs ( supplements are working!!!!)
All in all it was still a good day!

I managed to get drunk somewhere in the middle.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dont be a douche bag

Yes you. Im so over people that have that "my shit doesn't stink" attitude. HI! You're not all that. Or a bag of chips. More like a bag of old stale pretzels that no one wants to eat, unless they are drunk. If you weren't such an asshole i'd actually feel sorry for you.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yes, right in the mustache

Oh shit son- I haven't posted on this gem of a failblog in a while. Mostly because im the only reader. a little update perhaps? Im still working at Browz. I got promoted to SCA and im pretty happy about that because it came wtih a raise. For the first time in my life I can actually say I really like my job. The only downside is that its in Draper but with any luck I can find a nice condo down there.
Im more than likely going to be buying a condo or a small house this year. How grown up of me right? Im no spring chicken so I figure its time to get my shit together because im obviously not meeting Mr. tall dark rich and handsome any time soon. Im pretty much over that all so much that I have even quit going to straight bars. I have more fun at gay bars, is it just me or is it just that gay people are more accepting of when someone acts like a total shit mess in public? Last night for instance... Felt like I was riding on the back of some super charged horse man, really it was just Dino giving me the scariest piggy back ride of my life 1 full block of sprinting before he fell over and ruined his palms and tore a hole in the knee of my jeans. Good times - Thanks JAM.

In other news I cut off all my hair and got glasses and a huge tattoo... I had an identity crisis.