Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I feel the need to elaborate a little on why I am participating in relay for life this year. This year a friend of mine is heading up the West Bench Relay for Life. This organization is a warrior fighting cancer. She lost an arm to cancer a few years back but has been winning the war. Her story is very inspiring and she's a fighter. She fought 3 years with Chemo and radiation and finally lost her arm to save her life. She was back to work within 7 days of losing her arm. She recently lost a friend she grew up with to Cancer and is doing it this year in honor of her friend. I want to do what I can to help. The American Cancer Society does so many great things for people who are sick and need help. They donate wigs to those who cant afford them and prosthetic limbs. They give gas cards to cancer patients who are having to drive to the and from the hospital every day to get their chemo treatments. Every dollar raised goes towards something that can help someone who is sick and help find a cure so no more people have to die from being sick. I'm trying to think of some ways I can raise some money besides just having people click a link and donate because on their site the minimum donation is $10.00 and to be honest.... people are cheap and don't care really unless it is directly effecting them.

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