Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Really dude....

Of all the days I have ever wanted to throat punch you - today was the worst. YOU....who sits there in your overpriced affliction listening to music all day. You realize your job is to talk on the phone to people right? Maybe you aren't quite grasping the full scope of your job after the full YEAR you have had it. It's ok.

I know you're too busy spraying on your Axe and lotioning your tender little hands to give a shit about anything other than your Bob Marley calendar (Please smoke weed so there is a plausible reason for your behavior) but really man......give me a break. If one more of your pissed off suppliers calls me up and verbally rips my asshole out again because your too damn lazy to check and or return your voicemail's....I really don't even know what I will do.

This is why I chain smoke.....because of people like you. I can't take off and go park behind the other office building like you and get high on my breaks...Yeah, that's right. Maybe don't have a giant ass NFL sticker on your car so you can be less conspicuous while getting lit during your work hours? Nope... not me. I'm stuck to smoking my cigarette angrily in the courtyard. That cheap ass spray isn't fooling anyone!

Just sayin.......

Friday, April 15, 2011

Me and Julio down by the schoolyard

This is how I spend my Wednesday.....3 bottles of vodka later...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

1 wolf moon

My furnace has been broken since Friday. My landlord has had 2 people come look at it and here I am on Sunday freezing my ass off and there is no ETA on when it should be fixed. I have some really epic pictures to post about this amazing encounter I had this weekend. It involves a Coors light shirt, jean shorts, and a fucking tattoo of a wolf howling at a moon with a bear in it. This actually happened.

Monday, April 4, 2011


I never got around to posting anything about the color in muh huur. I had it lightened. I like that grown out highlight look. I put another picture of the birds on too now that they are nice and light and maybe kind of prisoney hah!

I just got home from the longest day at work. I'd like to thank 1/2 of the people at Browz for the sick I can feel coming. No really though...Thank you so much. Nothing sounds better than watching season 3 of six feet under and drinking tea all night long :)

Happy b day Dad!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Luck be a lady

Let me start this off by saying the last time I won anything was in 3rd grade, it was a slammer pog (remember those) that I was not there to claim even because I was in the bathroom checking my hair. 

Amy V. who’s blog/ FB/ YouTube channel I follow (in a totally non-creepy way) was kind enough to do a giveaway of Tarte products. What can be better than free shit? Nothing if you’re me, even better if it’s a brand of makeup I love. I'm super happy this very moment because I won! Charlie Sheen calls this 'winning'!

If you read this because you are interested in product reviews/ tutorials then you should click on the links above and check it out…. If you are reading this because you’re a lurker then still click on the links above and have something worthwhile to lurk.