Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Its herpes, but on your face!!

Good news everyone.... I've got the ol' herpes virus!!! HAHA yeah only its the one that you get on your face, all sexy on the corner of my mouth. Its sitting there saying,"Hey boy, you wanna make out??" But seriously, it's the sickest thing ever and im embarrassed to show my face any where.My ears are still all crusty from stretching them to a 2g. Im not doing that again for at least 2 months....AND even better I think its my time for the strep, I really thought I dodged it somehow, I was so impressed with my immune system I was going to get it a gift...untill last night.
ME= sexy lady!
Crusty eared cold-sore having sicky.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Desk Rage

The peak of office employee stress levels which ultimately starts with the screaming of vulgar language within the work place. It can often times lead to assaulting fellow employees, abusing office equipment and/or stealing of company property, abusing sick days and ultimately poor production at work. A possible side effect is that the employee continues to take out his or her rage at their residence in the form of kicking small animals and drinking heavily.

"With my pending at work and the amount of people calling me each day im on the brink of desk rage and one day im going to break and take it out on that weird guy that sits next to me."