Monday, March 26, 2012

dogs are assholes

Sometimes I wake up at 2am and stay up till I go to work. Nothing too  awesome has happened in my life  as of late. Roxy had surgery last week to remove an entire sock that she ate, I am so disgusted by veterinarians here. I bring my dog in who is half dead and 6 out of 7 animal clinics turned me away because I didn't have 3K cash to pay upfront for her surgery. I found a place thank god that did it for half that price. Poor little punkie pie has been through it. She had a cancer lump removed in June then this. They had to cut into her stomach and her intestine 4 times:( Luckily she is healing just fine and is back to humping legs.....I take this as a sign she will live.

I have finished my second round of HCG and it was fucking awful. I am not going to lie. I only lost 15 pounds this time making my final weight 133 when I really wanted to get down to 129. I guess I need to start running my ass off. I did a steak day yesterday and it didn't really work as well as I had hoped. I think I am retaining some extra water from Travis's b day party. I had 2 drinks when I shouldn't have. Hopefully if I just eat clean this week it will fall off. It's not easy looking like you have an eating disorder! Did I mention i'm turning into a dirty hippy? Did I mention I havent eaten carbs in like 5 weeks and have been making pizza out of fucking cauliflower and shopping at whole foods....yes this is my life now....gluten free. Fuuuuck. Why cant fat be in style? All I want is a doughnut wrapped in a pizza with a side of brown sugar bacon.

I'm going in 2 weeks to get more FLCL on the old arm!! Ahh I so excited. You'd think after a few sitting in the chair that the pain is not as bad....nope. Every time I go to get tattooed I get so nervous I think I might shit my pants.

And oh hai, they opened a Lush at City Creek! Who give's a a fuck about a Tiffany's opening (as if you or I can afford to buy a single thing there anyways) when there is a Lush:)If you haven't been there ya need ta go.