Friday, July 9, 2010


It's my birthday today. It was a little weird being around someone elses whole family to celebrate it but they made it really nice for me. Decorated the house and got me a cute cake and some presents.

I'm in Minneapolis for 10 days with Jeremy and his family. It's super green here. I like it aside from how muggy it is and how my hair wont dry after a shower. People here are so normal, not that its a bad thing. Walking around in the mall I noticed how not one person in there had any tattoos or anything like that. We fit right in SLC.

Also I quit smoking for the 864,548th time. Tomorrow will be 7 days. How did I do it? Utah increased the tax on them and I can no longer justify spending 7.15 on a pack of kill yourself. I got this electric cigarette that is basically like huka on the go.

I miss Rox.


  1. a belated "happy birthday." :D
    good luck with year number twenty seven - and quitting smoking too.

  2. but it means you finished year twenty six and are starting on twenty seven! and you are already two weeks in :P

  3. yeah it could be worse- i talked to some guy today who is 41 and said 40 is the new 20- so i guess i'm only 7...