Thursday, June 10, 2010

Whatever you want it to be.

I moved! And sweet black baby Jesus does it feel good to be done. There is nothing like moving a bed that weighs more than your car does with a forearm fork-lift. I still have bruises. I'm pretty sure the only reason I even bought this was because of the picture on the packaging. Those girls aren't even breaking a sweat. They are standing there saying "Hey, look at us. We are moving this large piece of furniture in slacks and its completely effortless! You should buy these!!" Lies. That thing they are holding must be made of foam.

So let's talk about apartment living. The thought of even having a thought of living in an apartment made me cringe, but here I am -And actually really happy with the decision to do it. Its cheap so I can save more to buy a house. It's really really cute inside. There is a pool and hot tub so I have a place to lay out this summer, and its closer to my job which is a good thing because driving more than 10 minutes to get to work is lame. 
I'll post some pictures once everything is in order and not a total shit mess.

P.S. I love IKEA

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