Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I do love this stuff. It's like it says on the bottle...Magic juice for your eyelashes!
Yes, the product is expensive but worth every penny.


This is quite an improvement if you ask me. I'm wearing white liner in the after picture so its a little bit different but there was a huge increase in the volume and length of my lashes over all. I used an eyelash curler before both pictures.

On a completely unrelated subject. My spending habits have got to go. I have been spending mad money on make up and clothes and it's totally retarded. Sometimes I wish I were a hipster so I could just wear my Grandmas hand me downs from the Holocaust and save a ton on new clothes but unfortunately I cant stand the feel of wool. Thank you God for stores like Forever 21 where a girl can be a cheap ass and still dress good.  Thank you Express for your box sales where I can buy absolutely nothing because I don't have an eating disorder (Most times I leave feeling like I should develop one though). I cannot and never will fit into a size 2 pair of jeans. Why I even step foot into that store remains a mystery to me. I think is why I love makeup so much. No matter how hard it is to find clothes to fit your abnormally long torso you can always walk into a makeup store and leave with tons of shit that fit you just right!


  1. Have you tried that new mascara by Maybelline?


    I heard that it's amazing but I haven't tried it. I am a mascara FREAK so I'm always looking for new things (well, when I was employed at least). Now I just have to make my Cover Girl and trust Estee Lauder last and last and last. LMAO

  2. A girl I work with was talking to me about that mascara just this morning! I buy mascara like It's going out of style. I don't knock the cheap shit cause I totally use Great Lash in the pink tube and it's up there in my favorites :)