Saturday, September 4, 2010

How to start your weekend right

I love Sephora! love LOVE love it. I could literally spend hours in that store and would have no problem dropping 2 bills there. I get goose bumps when I walk in. I had to make it short since dude was with me and I know how awesome that store must be for a man. Since I lost weight I desperately needed new clothes, my old ones looked like a tent on me. I got a few things more than I intended to.......whatever.

Before that I went and had breakfast with my little brother David and my Dad. I haven't seen Davey in about year since he left. I missed him. I have a very tender picture of him at the nursing home visiting Opa. 

I don't know how he got him to do this. I guess ever since he hit his head he's got this huge potty mouth no one ever knew existed. I guess he told my sister someone else in that home is a "mother-fucker". He was a Marine in his day. Poor old guy.... Hes completely emasculated in that place, it breaks my heart to see him. He told me all the young girls in there love to watch him piss his pants.                           
                                                                       What the hell?? 

On to something not so depressing..... I'm making pot-roast. Happy Saturday......Mother-fuckers!!

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