Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fuck a hangover

Fuck it even more if its a Thursday and you work in an office. Not only in an office but right in the center of it. I had meetings all day and I looked like a piece of shit with a side ponytail and purple cardigan on. My brain was not sending the correct messages. I ended up sending an e mail about how condescending this girl I work with is to the fucking girl I was talking about. HI! I'm a dumb ass. I don't like her anyways so I don't really care but I thought I should use that as an example of how retarded my day was.

I was up way too late last night sitting in my apartment with Tasha putting down a bottle of vodka and talking shit. We were watching some stand-ups of Lisa Lampanelli. She makes even me blush and the word cunt is part of my daily vocabulary.

I did get home to see my brand new Ozeri digital multifunction scale had arrived. It measures your body fat and water weight percentage in addition to looking cool.

 It's cocktail and curry time. 

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