Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This time i'm SERIOUS

I'm banning myself from the mall!

I have a problem. A spending problem. I get paid and then I get this uncontrollable need to shop. WTF happened to me. I use to hate shopping. I hated malls and stores for girls. I was alright with buying my makeup at Rite-Aid and only went to get new makeup if I needed it...like if my mascara was running low. Now I'm hitting up Sephora 3 times in 1 month. I justify it by having almost none of my clothes fit me since I lost weight. In my mind this is fine. This is it though.........and for real this time.
This is hands down the best concealer on the planet. By benefit -$18. When I put this on my skin was so happy I'm surprised it didn't jump off my face. I feel like the stress from my job shows its self by leaving huge dark circles of sexy under my eyes. Bye bitches!

This cute antique bicycle necklace. Really cheap, but I thought it was cute to match the sweater I bought.

I also got a bottle of OPI• Under my trench coat.The rest is just some jeans (size 5- holla!) and a that helicopter. Nothing too note worthy. Farewell money pit mall. You will be missed.

I get to spend the rest of my evening listing to a piece of shit remote control helicopter. Thank you bearded woman who works at Brookstone for giving me this gift. I have been promising Jeremy one for a while so I caved and bought it. That shit will be broken in less than an hour in sure! Back to the beard though.... what woman who works in public, a mall no less, has a full on fucking beard and doesn't handle that? I literally had to focus on looking her directly in between her eyes to stop myself from staring at her beard. She kept trying to sell me insurance on it and was short with her so I could get the fuck out of there before I started staring....or asking whats going on there.


  1. having a spending problem is better than being poor :D

  2. oh ... the reason it is a problem is because I am poor.