Sunday, August 15, 2010

Since I am not able to eat pretty much anything that is not chicken or a vegetable I have been having major cravings. Most of them are for pastries. How unfortunate that that most delicious things are the worst for you. I have been having the urge to bake a cake lately but I can't in fear that I will binge and have to start over on this regimen. I have only 5 days left....but another 3 full weeks until I can have starches or sugars :( . Going grocery shopping doesn't help at all. I was at Harmon's on Friday and spent about 30 minutes in the kitchen utensil section just looking at everything I am going to buy once I can eat normal food again. I'm thinking that the reason for the cravings stem from that store.... specifically this
You will be mine cake pan. I more than likely won't be eating much that comes out of you but I'm still gonna get ya! In the mean time I need to find a good chocolate cake recipe for me and Holly to make for Chris's (her husband - Jeremy's cousin) birthday on the 21st. They are going to be making a fondant batman. This should be interesting to see how it turns out.

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