Friday, December 31, 2010


Should have been my middle name. It's New Years Eve 2010. I'll give you 3 guesses on what I'm doing tonight!

1-Going to a huge house party.
2-On my way to Vegas with Travis to ring in the New Year with style.
3-Going to a bar with a bunch of friends to enjoy to the people I love the most.

...Think you can guess???

None of the above- it was a trick question!

Truth be told i'm in my room sharing a bowl of rice and xanax with my dog trying to not puke over the gallon of cologne lingering around that Jeremy put on before he went out. I might be lame but at least I won't start my year off needing to wash off the smell of shame and a hangover :)

Happy New Year random readers..... and John!

I should add  to this that I was woken up at 3AM and sprayed in the face with windex :)

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