Tuesday, December 28, 2010

you fall apart and then you stop

Tonight is one of those nights where you wanna eat your drugs and lay in bed and listen to Circa Survive all night.

2010 was probably the worst year of my adult life. I had my fair share of personal problems. I also learned a lot of lessons. I wasted the past 2 years of my life with someone who I knew from the get go was not the one for me. Why you ask?  Because I'm Julie. It's easy to see from this blog that I am an alcoholic and definitely co-dependent. I am almost 27 and sadly have just barely begun to be ok with the fact that I need to be happy alone before I can be happy with anyone else. Lots of wasted time there!!

I wish my life had a fast forward button. Is it bad to admit that I don't want people I know reading this because after I read it myself I realize what a negative bitter girl I am? 

I do have a little dog who loves me and great friends. I have a decent job that I enjoy going to. Do me a solid 2011 and don't be a repeat.

**Cause if you're half as good as you say you are then you can prove it**


  1. ah, but you have survived to fight another year :)

    yep, it's been a shitty year... still it's never that bad, julie. (not sure if that is supposed to be comforting or threatening, i was going for the former)