Tuesday, October 5, 2010

They called him flipper ,flipper, flipper, faster than lightning.....

I was up all night listening to my cat make noises I didn't know cats made (she's a whore) I decided the best idea was to watch a movie and hope to nod off in the middle of it. I chose a movie off Netflix titled The Cove in the documentary section.

The movie is about a cove in Japan that is kept off limits and guarded so that fisherman can slaughter 1000's of dolphins every September. They either capture them and sell them to other countries who have killed off their own dolphins as show animals or just kill them and call it pest control. The mercury level in dolphins is so high that they can not even sell it as meat because it basically tainted.

Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I probably have very high amounts of mercury in my system due to the tons of tuna I eat. I will probably never eat a can of tuna again or any other meat at least until I forget I have seen this.

I read fast-food nation and that grossed me out pretty bad and I quit eating fast food pretty much entirely (on a very rare-occasion I will have a drunk 2am Del-Taco moment), this was fucking shocking though seeing how they kill these dolphins. It was so barbaric. Not that there is anything right with the American meat packing industry. It's all fucking gross dude. It is in humane and makes me want to be a better person because hell is probably being reincarnated to be a pig or a cow in the US.

While at work today I was noticing what every one else in the office was eating and it made me sick to my stomach seeing everyone with their burgers made of 80 different cows.

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