Sunday, August 28, 2011

Monday already :(

Last week seemed to drag so bad and it's already Monday again. At least it's a short week for me, I took Friday off to go to Durango for a rally. I just downloaded the blogger app. Now I can bore you all from anywhere since I'm mostly too lazy to unhook my laptop from my tv and blog in off the non topic here...Another app I really like and have been using a ton is littlephoto. It does this to your pictures. There are tons tons of other settings too. I heart this.

It's thundering and raining right now and I can feel the wind and smell the rain through my open window. I love thunderstorms even though my dogs end up in bathtub because they are scared. It's sooo loud right now and lighting up my room. I wish I could tag a smell on this! This girl is going to sleep really good tonight. Hope you all have a good monday:)

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