Monday, August 15, 2011

booze and strippers


This was an expensive weekend.
I went to Nevada with the gheys. It was pretty fun. I have pictures but they are better left off of this blog. Long story short I ended up having to drug poor Jason to get him back in the car. I have never had anyone give me a weirder look... maybe I shouldn't have tossed a xanax in his jack at the bar?

I have been taking some pole fitness classes since p90x is fucking boring. I will say those work the hell out of you! I am buying a pole for my house next week. One of the girls who was with my friend this weekend is a stripper and said she has had no pole training at all.... shes a damn liar ok.

I will post pictures, but not now since my job went and blocked all useful websites.


  1. Wow.... I lost respect over the use of "gheys" but you quickly won it back with your athletic pursuits. So... I feel exactly the same about you as I did before this post... win.. I guess?