Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I love my pets ok. I just really am not ok with the amount of hair that covers everything everywhere. I am on the brink of shaving this cat I have. I don't even care for cats, I have this one and don't have the heart to send it to the pound because no one wants a full grown, fat, asshole cat. I need help. Maybe I should just clean more. I have hard wood floors and was looking at them today and about died when I saw how much hair is behind my couch. HELP ME.

I said I would post some pictures of my latest debauchery. 
Worst buffet ever EVER

Watch the one in  yellow
Had to drug Jason by the end of the night.....

Chicken Dinner?


  1. omg... my sister just moved in with me recently and she's getting a cat. One thing I'm concerned about: the SHEDDING. I will seriously go ape-shit if I see cat hair everywhere :P

  2. Get ready to donkey kong cause cats suck, I have 2 small dogs too but they are short haired...moral of the story...pets are assholes...but 3 hairy cute things beats 1 crying baby :) its a fair trade if you ask me!