Tuesday, September 13, 2011

God Dammit!

I am officially the last one of my childhood friends to get married. No, don't get confused now. I am NOT, I repeat NOT getting married. All of my friends are now though. Fuck! No wonder I collect dogs. Those broads are busy pushing out kids and planning weddings. I get home from work and spend the majority of my night staring into my empty refrigerator and brushing my cat that I hate, because I hate her.

It's OK, they can have play dates with their kids and double dates with their husbands. I'll be home watching re runs of intervention and crying myself to sleep because I'm 3 years away from being a weird old dog lady. I need to delete my facebook right about now. Its seriously fucking depressing me.


  1. Wait wait.... so what's the age limit before you're a creepy dog lady? Cuz like... I could be a creepy cat dude... you don't look that much older than me. This is important. Also, how many creatures do you need before you're a creepy owner of said creatures?

  2. lol... and how old are you friends?? I don't plan on getting married until like.. my late 20s. Play hard when you're young :)
    But to answer your question on my post: No, it's not paste. haha It's greek yogurt and I have a whole collection of videos of my random moments. So yes, there probably will be a DITL #2. awesome.

  3. Well im 27, that's late 20's. Also the creepster age is probably 30 and I have 3 creatures, use to be 4 but my cat ate my fish. God I hate her.

  4. I'm 25, making this the oldest age anyone in my entire family has ever reached without getting married. Imagine the looks I get over family dinners.

    No cats or dogs yet, though. Lots of chocolate and sleeping.


  5. chocolate and sleep are my favorite things ever....next to peanut butter.