Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I've noticed a steady decline in the views on this blog since I stopped posting about the total shit mess that was my life 2010. Maybe I am just boring when I'm not a raging alcoholic? I think Monday made up for that. I took a co worker who's having serious marital issues out for an after work drink and it turned into us getting mostly tore up and still drinking at 2 am. Oops. At least I made it to work on time, puffy eyes and all.

I had intentions on making another blog to post these types of posts on and realized I don't have time or a shit to give about it. I was more concerned with who was reading it but ya know what....I don't really care so read away!

Nothing new has really happened since I moved. I love my place still for so many reasons. I didn't really think I would like Sandy but it's actually a really awesome location. I've made peace with my mother after months and months of not talking. My sister forced me to get off at noon on Friday so we can all go have an awkward lunch that will no doubt involve me needing to have many many cocktails to cope with this sort of thing. It's so weird how much things have changed since Danny and David left. We use to all be so close and now it's like were all strangers who get together once a year and eat bad food at Oma's house with my cousins who hate me.

So far this year has been great. I hope that this pattern continues! Summer can't get here fast enough. I can't wait for swimsuit weather. This is the first time in a LONG time that I can not wait to get my much skinnier ass into a swimming suit. I remember trying on suits last year and standing in those horrible mirrors in the dressing rooms that are totally like circus mirrors and anything but flattering, I stood there and cried. I hated my body so much. HCG is the best thing that ever happened to me. I have nothing else to end on so here is a random picture.

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