Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Really Julie....

Do you ever have times in your life when you are reminded of something really painful you went through. Things you have totally placed in the back shelf of yoru mind. I have done pretty good about moving on and blocking out a specific time frame when I was 18. I fell completely in love with this dude and it totally turned my world upside down. In the end I ended up more hearkbroken than I ever knew you could be. I was so crushed that it literally hurt my heart. I cried myself to sleep for months (Sorry dad you had to hear all that). So now almost 10 years later.... I am so over it I need a new word for over it. I never ever think about that time in my life, or I had not in years anyways. I even have a dog that I love more than anything from that relationship and it doesnt remind me of him or that time at all. The other day I was at work or somwhere I dont really remember and I saw a street that reminded me of that time. I felt like I got kicked in the stomach. Being dumped is never a memorable experience, Please get back on that shelf where you belong.

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