Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I live in a fat kid's dream

Can you tell I have been bored? 2 posts in 1 week!! This one without any pictures even.

The "fuck my life" part of the year is moving right along. I went and re-signed my lease today with my name ONLY on it. This is good. 2 more weeks and it will be just me and my animals. If I can keep myself occupied until then it should go by pretty quickly.

I borrowed FF13 from a co-worker......as much as I hate to say anything bad about a FF game there is not enough play time. It seems like it's all movie. It got some pretty bad reviews as well. Maybe this is why James let me borrow it before finishing?

AAHHHH Danny will be here in 2 weeks YAY! I feel like I should take some time off.... but then I look at what happens to people who miss work. You come back to a total shit mess. How is it that both my brothers end up in California and I am here?

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